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Many home chefs wants to cook varied, healthy meals and make more climate friendly food choices. Major obstacle for this is often to learn new recipes in daily stress. You find recipes and menus that other home chefs or professionals have been successful with and are happy to share with you. Crubba displays the recipes in a unique way so that you get a clear overview without spending unnecessary time on reading and planning. You may freely combine the recipes into complete menus and Crubba help you to show in what order you can cook everything so that it is ready for eating at the same time. The Crubba film show how easy it is to cook with Crubba! (Crubba info film coming soon....)


A complete meal often consist of several recipes cooked for eating at the same time. Crubba help you to vary your classics with exciting new recipes


Based on you chosen recipes, Crubba help you to plan your cooking steps and also what you need to cook the complete menu


Crubba give you a simple overview together with step-by-step instructions to cook the menu recipes together


Your loved ones deserve to join you in celebrating good cooking, take photos and share your Crubba menus!

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