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Genuine food

Genuine food consists of food stuff without strange additives.

The fact that we know ourselves as good people makes us feel better self-fulfilling. We strive to make us feel good, or at least do not feel bad. Ideally, it should feel good in both body and soul. Good eating habits have the advantage that they feel good in the stomach and in the heart if we think an extra time about what we put in our mouthes, how it came to our plate and how our food affects our society.
To begin with, it feels important for most people to eat healthy and not a lot of fabricated additives. With these requirements met, our body will feel good physically. Moderation is of course a virtue and we strive for a balance between the energy we put into ourselves in the form of food and drink and what we consume. So far, most agree. In our world, however, it is not enough, we want the food to taste good and that it should go fast to cook the food so that we can get to the gym pass or shoot the son to the violin lesson. How many can raise a hand and say Fairtrade-labeled red lenses to be soaked one day and then taste cardboard meets all requirements for good eating habits? Here comes a whole lot of entrepreneurs who help us get to everyday life - with a reasonable decline of conscience and health. We all have our limit on how much prepared foods we let into our lives. Whether it is the baker in the neighborhood or a multinational food group that helps us in everyday life, we have, after all, left the self-catering behind us and accept that we not only eat what our own farm gives us.
Where do you draw your line?