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Fruit break

Tips for what a fruit break can be also for grown up persons

The National Food Administration is often a good source of objective information and here we can read that adults need about 500 g of fruit and vegetables every day, 50/50 with fruit / vegetables. Children can handle about 400g. OK well - then we know about how much it should be! It is not that we fall together as empty skins if we do not eat the exact amount, but it is good to know what is extreme. No fruit a day is not good and a large bucket of fruit is probably too much. So, how can we achieve a fruitful moment in everyday life? Here are some tips:


Vary the fruit

It is senseless boring to eat a couple of bananas every day just because it is easy to bring, ready-made and good. Instead, look at what is good price at the store and let it decide what to eat. Besides saving a couple of dollars a day, you get your eyes on more fruits than those you usually pick in the basket. Another way is to eat fruit after season, usually coincide with good price in the store.

Mix, blend, squeeze

One way is to bring whole fruits. There are of course several variants! Making a fruit salad and mixing fresh fruit with frozen, tossing in some unsalted nuts or dried fruit creates variety. Or try to mix a smoothie and bring it in a stylish bottle - then some vegetables can also ride along. Only the imagination sets limits here, seek inspiration here at Crubba

Buy yourself a good routine

Buy a fun / stylish / practical / good-to-have box that holds your fruit and which you can have as a routine to fill every morning and wash out every night. Whether you eat your fruit as it is, make a fruit salad or a smoothie, you will surely win some stuff that comes with you every day. Some say that it takes 21 times before something becomes a habit so give it a month and you will see that you lack your fruit break!
See there, three quick tips to start with
// Crubba