On the website (ie "crubba.se")

There are two ways to participate, either as a User or as a Partner. The terms on this page apply to Users.

Participation as a Partner means increased exposure on the Website and conditions for Partners are always regulated in separate agreements. Contact us at info(on)crubba.se if you are interested in knowing more about becoming a partner to Crubba.


Terms of Use

Applicable from January 7, 2016


General Terms of Use

Crubba.se (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is owned and operated by Mixator AB with corporate ID no. 556986-1783.

The following description refers to the web pages that are under a specific domain, in this case "crubba.se". Web page refers to the individual, separate pages that are collected under the specific domain.

Users here mean those who use the Website's services without registering and partly those who register as members on the Website.

The website offers services related to food, cooking and meals. These services are constantly being developed and a summary of the current offer can be seen on the Website's homepage. By registering as a member on the Website, Users gain access to extended services on the Website. An absolute requirement for membership is that the terms of use are accepted and approved in their entirety.

Mixator AB reserves the right to update the terms of use without notifying the users in advance. The terms of use presented on this page and the use of the Website's services mean that the User approves the applicable terms of use at any time.


Membership and registration as User on the Website

Requirements for registration and membership

An absolute requirement for membership on the Website is that the terms of use presented on this site are accepted and approved in their entirety. Furthermore, it is required that the person is over 18 years of age when registering and that the information provided when registering the membership is truthful.



Registration is done via the registration routine on the Website. Members who register and create a user profile on the Website will have access to extended services on the Website. Members get the opportunity to create recipes, collect their favorite recipes, etc. The service offer is continuously being developed.

Registration on the Website is confirmed by a reply email and a password is required for login. It is important that you do not submit your username and password to any unauthorized person, as you will be responsible for everything that is done with your login. If you suspect that any unauthorized person uses your username on the Website, we ask that you contact us to block your user. Mixator AB reserves the right to refuse membership and to remove offensive username.


User Profile

In your user profile you have the opportunity to present yourself with image and text. The basis for registration as a User is that the content should be about food, cooking and meals, not anything else.

Business owners who want to create their own User Profile on the Website are welcome to do so under the obvious condition that the Terms of Use are adhered to, especially in view of the conditions regarding content. If an expanded exposure is desired, please refer to agreements for Partners.


Membership and basic membership services are free. Some extra services may be subject to a fee, which is clearly stated on the Website when it occurs.

Validity period for membership

Membership is valid until further notice. The member may at any time request that the membership be terminated and that the User's account on the Website be removed. Mixator AB reserves the right to exclude members who violate the Terms of Use.


Use of Services on the Website

The website services for Users are all related to food, cooking and meals. The services must therefore be used for these particular areas and nothing else.

As a user, you are expected to express your concern, which essentially means following the moral and ethical values ​​that are normally accepted in our society. You must, of course, also adhere to society's current laws and regulations when using the Website's services.

As a User on the Website, it is only allowed to post material with information about food, cooking and meals. This means recipes, tips, etc.

It is not permitted, as a User, to use the Website's services for investigations, challenging propaganda, illegal activities, calls for crimes or other activities that compromise the site's reputation and reputation.

It is also not permitted to use the Website's services as a User to directly promote products through, for example, direct advertising and offers, surveys, organization of competitions, etc. on the Website's pages. However, a few links to the user's own website or similar are OK.

In the event of any disputes concerning what is considered approved use of the Website's services, Mixator AB reserves the right to unilaterally decide on what is accepted or not on the Website.

Uploading of material for publication on the Website

All material published on the Website is checked and approved before the publication of Mixator AB so that it meets the requirements for quality, morality and ethics. This also applies to materials that have changed after having previously been approved for publication. Mixator AB has no obligation to publish material from the Users.


The Website use device identifiers, so-called cookies, to customize the content and ads to users, provide social media features and analyze our traffic. The Website also forward such identifiers and other information from user’s unit to the social media and advertising and analysis companies with which we cooperate. These can in turn combine the information with other information that you have provided or that they have collected when you have used their services. The use of the Website constitutes an approval of Website cookies


Content and rights to material on the Website

Rights for general material on the Website

The copyright of the material linked to the Website and its services is held by Mixator AB or Partners to Mixator AB.

Users on the Website therefore have no right to claim these rights nor change, copy, sell or otherwise use the rights beyond what is described in the Terms of Use for the Website.


Materials uploaded by the Website Users for viewing on the Website

Users can upload their own material on the Website after registering and granting membership. When uploading material for publication on the Website, the User guarantees that no infringement is made in anyone's exclusive rights or rights of use for the material at the time of publication.

Identification of the User takes place through the login information used during the registration. It is therefore important that you do not submit your username and password to any unauthorized person, as you will be responsible for everything that is done with your login.

In terms of copyright, it is safest to only upload texts you have written yourself and pictures you have taken yourself. If you want to quote someone, be sure to specify the source. Also note that if you have people on pictures uploaded, they must approve the publication.


Use rights for material on the Website

The user grants to Mixator AB for an unlimited period of unlimited use rights to the material that is uploaded to the Website. The use of the right of use also applies in case the User's profile is deregistered on the Website and also includes other publications that Mixator AB may produce digitally, in print or other form. The granted right of use also includes a right to process and modify the material.

By uploading material for publication on the Website, the User warrants that it has the right to license the use of the material to Mixator AB according to the Website's terms and conditions.


Responsibilities and obligations

As a User on the Website, you are obliged to abide by the Terms of Use. A Member who violates the Terms of Use will be excluded. Report if you discover any breaches of the rules on the website to info(at)crubba.se.

The user undertakes to indemnify Mixator AB for any claims arising from the User's use of the Website's services.

The User who uploads material for publication on the Website is obliged to keep Mixator AB harmless for claims that may arise from Mixator AB's or other Users / Partners' use of the material.

Mixator AB has no obligation to publish User's material nor the obligation to send back submitted material

Mixator AB undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations that exist to protect the privacy of individuals. Users who utilize services provided through any of Mixator AB's Websites, order materials, purchase products or similar allow that Mixator AB collectively store the necessary personal information for these Websites in order to be able to accommodate such services and purchases.


Disclaimer from liability

In addition to what has otherwise been dealt with in the Terms of Use, Mixator AB disclaims all liability and does not provide compensation for either direct or indirect damages as a result of

- accidental spelling or printing errors

- any fax faults on the Website and the consequences of these errors

- consequences of lack of functionality on the Website


Mixator AB does not provide any warranties for the Website's function and availability for Users.

Mixator AB does not have the opportunity to check the facts, who owns the exclusive rights to the material created by the Website's Users, nor the content of any web pages that the User links to in the material. The User who uploads material on the Website is solely responsible for this and undertakes to indemnify Mixator AB for any disputes.

Mixator AB declines the responsibility for the member register in the event of sabotage / hacking or other external influences that are beyond our control or event which is to be regarded as force majeure.